Playing pokies Ultra Hot Deluxe for money

The company Novomatic decided to upgrade the known version of the game Ultra Hot. Like its predecessor, the new gaming machine is an analogue of the classical mechanical pokies. The Ultra Deluxe While there are familiar to all players of the drum 3, fruit and berry icons and the risk game. And from the news can be noted an increase in the maximum rate of up to 1000 credits, and adding very hot combination. Online pokies Ultra Hot Deluxe gives the opportunity to play for real money or for free. The choice, as always, remains the player.

The reels of pokies Ultra Hot Deluxe

Feature of Ultra Hot Deluxe pokies

There is a 3 reels and 5 paylines. The simultaneous emergence of the field of nine identical pictures of fruit or berries is very hot combination and doubles the current payment. The online pokies machine Ultra Deluxe While there is a risk game, allowing multiplied twice each received a cash prize.

The signs of pokies Ultra Hot Deluxe

The pokies signs

Online pokies Ultra Hot Deluxe is not particularly characters from the small number of reels. If you prefer more complex rules, start playing with payouts in Mega Fortune, which has three special signs at once.

Fall out here pictures with lemons, cherries, plums and oranges, multiply the rate by 40 times. Also appearing on the playing field image with the inscription Bar and stars. Caption Bar increases the rate of 60 times, and the stars - just 200 in the lowest income will bring with an X. Its coefficient is equal to five. Icon with two sevens is a symbol of the most generous pokies machine Ultra Hot Deluxe. If the active line will be three such images, the rate on it is multiplied 750 times.

Doubling game of pokies Ultra Hot Deluxe

Description of round of doubling

Each prize gained while playing online machine Ultra Hot Deluxe, you can try to increase, putting it on the line in a round of doubling. As it appears on the closed and brightly flashing card. You must guess the color of her suit. If the selected player of color would be, the payment multiplied twice. Increasing the money can be reused, but at the first error will take your money out.