Pokies Scary Friends for money with fast payouts

Rabcat company decided to please all those who believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, releasing a gaming machine Scary Friends with the withdrawal of money. It is a modern high-quality 3D-pokies in which you can play for real money with great pleasure. Every detail is executed very qualitatively, the developers have tried over and drums, and the background of the animation, and over the bonus mode. Players just have to relax and quickly receive their payments in this exciting pokies machine.

Reels of the pokies Scary Friends

Space rates online pokies Scary Friends

Before you start betting, you can specify the number of active lines (1 to 25), and the size of the bet. When you play for real money a good think about the size of your bets, because the factors Scary Friends pokies is indeed very high. The lowest payment can be obtained for different card characters that can bring gains in size from 2 to 100 bets per line.

And for playing for real money in Flame Dancer will be available 5 reels and 20 active lines.

Symbols of a pokies machine Scary Friends

But much more can be obtained in a variety of portraits of alien visitors. The smallest of these images have ratios of 10 to 250, and two of the most highly paid can multiply your winnings up to 20 000 times! At the same time in the machine Scary Friends there is the wild symbol, which will receive cash payments more often.

Also in this gaming machine contains two scatter symbol. They help run frispiny and bonus pokies machine game Scary Friends, at the same time to activate the optional additional layers to scatter were on an active payline.

Additional modes of the gaming machine

The bonus game is a game online machine starts after the drums will be three or more icons with the image of the heroes of the device. After that, begin testing aliens in a centrifuge. You must choose one of the characters, and than later he will take off from the game, the more real money you will get. Amount winning bonus game depends on the size of the overall rate. The higher the rate, the more you can win real money and withdraw from the gaming machine Scary Friends.


To start freespins need to collect three or more images with the inscription FreeSpins. After that you will be able to make from 5 to 14 rotations, during which the money from the account will not be charged. All freespins tested according to the latest rate.

Risk game

Also in the gaming machine Scary Friends you can always increase the number of winning real money. To do this, play a round of doubling after a loss of a prize combination. The essence of the game risk is very simple: to quickly get twice the payment you need to guess the color of the suit upturned card. Of course, this round is made in the general style of the pokies, but still its rules are standard and familiar to most gamblers.