Play on pokies machine Rabbit in the Hat for money

Microgaming has pleased all fans of magic tricks and a new exciting online pokies with custom rules. Pokies Machine Rabbit in the Hat for real money will give you a splendid animation, and will give the opportunity to win big.

Pokies machines for real money - Rabbit in the Hat

Magic hat of the online pokies Rabbit in the Hat

In standard mode, the gameplay is not much different from the rotation in most other online pokies machines. You need to rotate the five reels, collecting a combination of the various symbols. Card symbols here have the lowest rates and the highest payouts are available for images with different circus equipment, as well as portraits of the magician and his assistant. The largest payout in the game for real money gives magical hat, which allows you to win up to 10 000 credits per spin. This icon also acts as a wild symbol, replacing any other images.

Magic hat of pokies Rabbit in the Hat

Feature of Rabbit in the Hat online pokies are magical hat, which periodically appear on the rightmost reel. They may contain an instant prize, frispiny expander wild symbol or a random bonus. To activate you must present to the drum located below the magic hat, there was a wild symbol. You will not see such a feature while playing Lucky Pirates with real money withdrawal, but it has special symbols and a risk mode.

Freespins with an increased chance of winning

Hat can give the gaming machine Rabbit in the Hat from 10 to 50 rotations without withdrawals of real money. In this mode, the magic hat will appear on the fifth drum after each rotation, which means that you can get a bonus in almost every bet. Prizes hats are the same, but the maximum number of additional frispinov is 10.