Online pokies Pokerama play for money

Online pokies Pokerama different from traditional pokies machines. There is no need to rotate the drums and wait for winning combinations on the lines. As the name implies, this device is based on the rules of poker. But, unlike the original, where players have no rivals. You just need to take the card, that can arise from the successful collections and bring winnings.

Pokerama play the pokies online for money

Automatic original design, smooth animation and excellent sound. Outwardly, it resembles a Soviet machine with soda. Even if you're familiar with the ins and outs of poker, it is recommended the first few times to play for free. This can be done very quickly and without registration. After studying the mechanics of of the automaton Pokerama can start playing for real money. If you are used to slots with more classical rules and structure, pay attention to the Legend of Olympus payout machine.

Rules of the pokie

From the original game in the pokies Pokerama were borrowed card combination. Here they are transferred to bet multipliers. Minimum multiplication provides a combination of "Two pairs", with its loss the player will receive 0.2 of the bid amount. The maximum multiplier pokies machine offers "Royal Flush": amount bet multiplied by 50 times. At first glance it may seem that the coefficients are very small, but there are two factors that help make perfect. Firstly, the game has always involved just 5 of your deck, and hence the probability of getting the right combination grows to 5 times. Secondly, there is a great risk game where really there is no risk!

Multiplication game

After the falling out combinations by Straight and higher in the poker gaming machine will be offered the opportunity to multiply your winnings. There will be five cards on the field, just like in the risk mode of the Rock Climber cash pokie.

After selecting one of these winnings can be multiplied or stay the same. Lose money earned in this round is not possible