Online Poker Slot machine play for money

The most popular gambling of modernity are poker and pokies machines. And developers Alfaplay company decided to combine them in one online pokies. Thus, they created the online gaming apparatus, winning sequences which are popular combinations of poker. The Poker Slot machine has 4 reels and 21 winning lines. There are no non-standard characters or bonus rounds. But this is offset by the high probability of a prize-winning combinations. When you activate all the paylines on virtually every spin will account for loss of a set.

Poker slot play the pokies online for money

Even experienced poker players recommended to play for free, without registering them to the risk and failed to explore all the features of the machine Poker slot. Then you can safely begin play for money, because in this game, a very high probability of obtaining a solid prize. Simple rules and large multipliers will help you with receiving payouts in the Serenity pokie.

Symbols and combinations of pokie

All signs of online game Poker Slot presented by cards denominated from Deuce to joker. Unlike poker sets are not composed of 5 and 4 of the card. Most combinations corresponds to the poker, but some are a little different. For example, the sequence 4 Jokers multiplies bet on the payline 15,000 times. Large payouts for combinations also await you in this game. Next in importance is set corresponding to the position of "straight flush" in poker: 4 cards of the same suit. When such a sequence in the machine Poker slot rate will be multiplied by 1,500 times. In total there are 10 prize-winning combination is realized. The lowest income here brings a combination of "pair" (two cards of the same rank). The prize for it is the sum of bets. Note that when you select a large number of active lines per spin in Poker slot machine will drop several prizes sequences. The prize will only senior among them.