Lucky Reels line pokies with real money

This online pokies from Globotech company is a classic example of "one-armed bandit." This type of pokies is familiar to most players. It has the usual 3 reels and 5 paylines. Also Lucky Reals there is a wild symbol, significantly increases the probability of a prize-winning combinations. There is a risk pokies game that allows you to significantly increase the number of credits earned.

Lucky Reels play the pokies online for money

Despite its simplicity, the machine Lucky Drums really exciting. Some players even prefer to play for free, because it can be done immediately after the entrance to the site without registration or authorization. But quite a high probability of winning combinations allows experienced players to profitably play online for money.

Symbols of the online pokies

Pokies machine Lucky Reels have only 7 icons. The most lucrative of these is a picture with the words Double Jackpot. Winnings from the falling out of three of these characters depends on the line on which there was a sequence of them. It can range from 1,000 to 5,000 bets on this line. Even more impressive withdrawal of money from the gaming machine Sky Way will provide a pilot with multipliers up to 9000. Also, the above sign is the wild symbol. It replaces any other icon in a winning combination and increases the prize money is two-fold. It is worth noting that the combination of the prize in the online Lucky Reals machine can make even three "empty space".

The signs of pokies Lucky Reels

Double game

With the risk-game can be significantly increased earnings in the slot machine Lucky Reels. In this round, you need to guess the color of the card or its suit. In the first case the amount previously obtained will be multiplied by 2 times, and if you guess the suit, then 4. To get real payouts in Four Seasons online machine you need to guess the side of the coin instead of cards.

In this mode, each payment can be increased 5 times in a row. But it should be remembered that the first failure will reset all the previously won amount.

Doubling game of pokies Lucky Reels