Pokies machine Legend of Olympus online for money

High-quality 3D online pokies game from the Legend of Olympus Rabcat company offers not only play for real money, but also plunge into the colorful world of ancient Greek mythology. On the reels of this pokies offers all the most popular inhabitants of Olympus, including Zeus, Athena, Hermes and other gods. This gaming device is not only high-quality graphics performance, but also exciting bonus levels.

Pokies machine Legend of Olympus online for money

Get the money from the ancient gods on the Legend of Olympus pokies online

All icons of the gaming machine Legend of Olympus associated with the gods of Olympus. At the same time on a roll, even the lowest paid player combinations are waiting for quality animation. In this case the larger the gain is, the larger the movie to it.

Special symbols

The largest coefficients in the game for real money to have images with Poseidon and Hades, which can multiply the rate of once in 20,000 times. Hades also acts as the wild symbol, replacing most of the other icons in the winning sequences.

Special characters pokies machines Legend of Olympus

The most powerful god of Olympus, Zeus, dedicated just two pictures. His portrait on a blue background will give the player the ability to run up to 14 frispinov and Zeus image on a gold coin used to activate the bonus game this online pokies. It should be noted that any amount of real money, resulting in the game on an online pokies game Legend of Olympus, can be multiplied in the risk game. To double the win you only need to guess the color of the suit upturned card.

Countless treasures in the bonus game

Once on the field Legend of Olympus machine will be at least three pictures with a gold coin, the player will get the chance to win extra money in the bonus round. In the first stage you will find a crossing of the underground river Charon. First you need to stop the three rotating coins. If at least two of them are golden side up to fall, it moves to the second round. Otherwise, the player will receive a consolation prize, and will return to the standard rotation. Two-level bonus mode is implemented in the pokie Rock Climber.

In the second stage of the bonus game you need to open one of the three treasure chests. The more coins dropped on the drums before entering the risk game, the bigger the size of the treasure. The maximum amount you can get a player at this level, equal to 1000 credits.