Gambling pokies Kangaroo vs Aliens for money

Online pokies Kangaroo vs Aliens will immerse players into a fantastic world where kangaroos play the role of defenders of the planet, which is trying to capture the aliens. There are 5 reels and 25 paylines. There are signs of Wild and Scatter. With the latter, you can earn 10 free spins. There is also the opportunity to multiply the prize in the risk game.

Kangaroo vs Aliens play the pokies online for money

Through colorful graphics and excellent musical accompaniment over which the developers have worked well in automatic Kangaroo vs Aliens free play is no less interesting than playing for money. The right to select as always rests with the player. But even if you choose free mode without registration, still manage to spend time having fun.

Symbols of pokies machine

Game pokies Kangaroo vs Aliens has two special icons. The first is a picture of a kangaroo on a background of big bottles of water. It is a symbol Scatter. If you collect in any area of the playing field at least three of these icons, the Run 10 bonus spins. The second picture is the image of a special one-eyed green alien. As a symbol of the Wild, it can substitute for other signs, helping forms a combination of prize. But it can not substitute the scatter symbol. Also, this image brings the most profit in the machine. The combination of these five icons will increase the line rate of 5000 times. The same maximum coefficient was obtained by the portrait of Columbus in the online pokie Columbus.

The signs of pokies Kangaroo vs Aliens

Double game

Current payments can try to increase in the risk game. In her on-screen pokies machine Kangaroo vs Aliens are two geysers. The player must guess which of the Geysers pours water. Right choice made double the current win, wrong - resets. And it can be increased many times, but the first failure.

Doubling game of pokies Kangaroo vs Aliens