Play the pokies Juice and Fruits for money

In online pokies Juice and Fruits, created by GGS, players will meet a bright and colorful graphics. Almost all the game symbols are represented by various juicy fruits and berries, as in the machine Fruit Cocktail. It does not have any bonuses, but they are no substitute for success with generous cash prizes too many pictures. Thanks to these properties online gaming machine Fruit Juice and allows profitable to play for real money. But if you want the players can at any time to test himself by playing the free version.

The appearance of pokies Juice and Fruits

Description of the pokies machine Juice and Fruits

The pokies contains a 5 reels and 10 paylines. There is a risk game, allowing each winning twice to increase several times, as in the slot Attila. Special characters and bonuses are not here, but there is a big payout. Each pokies reel Fruit juice may be repeated icons, whereby it is possible to collect the prize combinations on several paylines.

Bonus combination of pokies Juice and Fruits

Symbols of online pokies

Online Game Machine Juice and Fruits has a very simple system of coefficients. For a line of identical pictures with lemon, cherry, plum or orange can be multiplied by the rate of 20 to 200 times. The combination of pictures with watermelon or grapes can give a factor of 50 to 500, depending on the number of icons. But the most revenue in the machine Juicy Fruit red Seven players will bring. The combination of the five sevens will increase the rate of 5000 times. In the Pirate Treasures pokie machine payouts of the same size will be received by a bonus sequence of five captains of a pirate ship.

The doubling round of pokies Juice and Fruits

Rules of the game of doubling

The pokies game Juice and Fruits have a game to double, which can be increased each received a prize. In the risk game is necessary to determine the color of the closed random playing card or her suit. With proper selection of colors payment will be doubled, but if the guess suit, then quadrupled. Risk can be many times, but the first mistake will lead to the nullification of winning.