Play online pokies Four Seasons for money with cashout

The Betsoft company has pleased all fans of the with a brand new 3D pokies machine Four Seasons for real money with high-quality graphics and unique rules. Subjects pokies machine dedicated to the Chinese zodiac, and the drums you will meet all 12 of its representatives. The main feature of this machine is online varying factors, as well as a lucrative freespins mode, which provides a good payment.

Play pokies machine Four Seasons on money payments

Rules change factors

JPlaying for real money at online pokies Four Seasons always takes place on 30 reels, which provides frequent cash payments. Initially, all of the icons have the same pokies multipliers 10, 20 and 50. However, the bottom of the game board can be noticed to all wheel 12 th symbols. It determines which of the signs of the zodiac will have higher ratios. The wheel is divided into 4 sections, which determine how the symbol will be changed multiplier caught in them:

  • 3 pictures remain with the standard coefficients;
  • 6 will gain x 2 multiplication;
  • 2 will be paid five times;
  • 1 picture will bring you 10 times more money for the combination.

Thus, the maximum multiplier Four Seasons gaming machine may reach 500. At the same time after every 30th spin the wheel revolves, and all the characters get new coefficients. Also in this pokies game there is a wild symbol in the form of a golden cat. It replaces all the icons, and if you succeed in the game for real money to assemble a line consisting of only one cat, you will receive a cash prize of 10 000 credits.

Maximum multiplier of Four Seasons pokies machine

HEADS -TAILS Risk game

After receiving the money for the preparation of a combination of the gaming machine online Four Seasons, you can increase their number in the mini-game "Eagle-tails." The player must make a bet on HEADS (picture of a cat) or TAILS ( «4 Seasons» inscription). If successful, the winnings will be multiplied twice, and payment can make quite an impressive amount. But bad choices lead to the loss of the prize. A risk game with payouts in the Sky Way pokie is also possible.

Additional modes Four Seasons machine

After collecting 3 or more pictures with the sign of the yin-yang, you will be able to make up to 20 spins without having to pay money for them. During freespins rules remain the same, and all the factors are stored.