Online pokies of Formula 1 play for money

The competition cars and high speeds have inspired developers to create a game pokies Formula 1. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines. There are signs of Wild and Scatter, with which you can get 15 free spins. There is a bonus game. There is an opportunity to significantly augment prize in the risk game.

Formula 1 play the pokies online for money

The machine Formula 1 beneficial to play online for money, as there are a large number of bonus stages. For those who want to start to learn more about all the features, it is possible to play for free and even without registration.

Symbols of pokies machine

The image of the rider with the cup in his hands is special, because it multiplies the total bet regardless of the location on the playing field. What is important is to collect at least two of these icons. Girl with a flag in his hand activates the bonus round Online apparatus Formula 1. It is necessary to collect on the active line at least three of these pictures. Image rotation track is a symbol of Scatter. If any area of the playing field at the same time there will be three of these icons, the player will receive 15 free spins. Scatter is the only sign of the gaming machine Formula 1, which can not replace a symbol Wild. Last picture is presented with the inscription «Finish».

The signs of pokies Formula 1

Bonus game

In this round, you need to select at random car wheels. Behind them can be a particular prize, or there will be an inscription "Empty", after which the bonus stage is completed.

Double game

Online slot of Formula 1 allows you to increase the current in the payment of unusual risk game. It is necessary to choose the side (left or right) in which the driver has to make the maneuver. If you prefer classic rounds for doubling, pay attention to the online slot Golden Ark Deluxe with large payouts. It implements a risk game in which you need to guess the color of the inverted card.

If a player makes the right choice, the current amount won will be doubled if the wrong, then it is reset. Increase the winnings can be several times.

Doubling game of pokies Formula 1