Pokies machine Draculas Family for money

Pokies machine Draculas Family, developed by Playson, attractive to play for real money to their additional mode. The pokies includes just 4 different options frispinov, while the player himself will be able to choose which type of rotation run.

Pokies machine Dracula`s Family for money

Symbols of online pokies

Icons with minimal coefficients are presented in the form of a stylized under the general theme of the pokies machine card characters. They have ratios of 2 to 100. The portraits of family members bring Dracula larger cash payments; they are factors of 10 to 400. More generous multipliers reaching 9,000 were received by the emperor from cash pokie online Dynasty of Ming.

Symbols of the online pokies Dracula`s Family

Special characters

Wild sign in Dracula's Family pokies executed rather unconventionally. He is represented in the form of two twins with slingshots, appearing only on the fifth reel. When they shoot a roll of the eyeballs, which are fully occupied by two of the five reels, replacing all characters in the bonus combinations.

Picture c is the name of the game apparatus Scatter, activates 15 frispinov and gives an instant cash prize in the amount of five common rates. To receive these bonuses you need to collect at least three of these icons anywhere on the playing field.

Freespins by your rules

When you activate the pokies machine Dracula's Family additional mode, you can select one of the following types of rotations without removing the real money from your account:

  • "Mad multiplication": rotation are the standard rules, but the actual amount of money won is increased 5 times.
  • "Eternal Love": pictures with images of Dracula and his wife replaced with a new icon with their joint portrait. The maximum rate of such a character is 1750.
  • "Wild urchins": Wild sign rules are changed now filled with wild symbols are not two, but three of the drum!
  • "The shift drum": a roll of drums prize combination shifted to the right, which gives a chance to get one more prize money. Shifts can be extended to as long as on the gaming machine Dracula`s Family there are new prizes sequence. With each shift winnings multiplier increases, the maximum value is equal to 7.

Initially, when you play for real money at online pokies machine Dracula`s Family is available for selection only mode "Crazy multiplication". To open each of the following type frispinov must run the previous mode at least three times.