Playing Dolphins Pearl Deluxe pokies machine for real money

Pokies machine Dolphins Pearl Deluxe was developed by Novomatic. Among the players in this pokies often called the Dolphin, or in rare cases Pearl Dolphin. It can be played for real money, and pictures of marine life and the free spins will help get good benefits. But if you want the players can at any time to test their strength in the free version of the online pokies Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe.

Play the pokies Dolphins Pearl Deluxe

Features of the pokies

The Deluxe version also 5 reels but 10 paylines, unlike gaming machine Dolphin's Pearl. There are signs of Wild and Scatter. With the latter, you can get 15 free spins, during which you can earn extra rotation. There is every opportunity to increase cash prize several times in the risk game.

Winning line of pokies Dolphins Pearl Deluxe

Pokies symbols

Among the game characters you can see fish, seahorses and other inhabitants of the water depth. Scatter symbols in the machine Deluxe Dolphin shows images with a pearl shell. Loss on the field at least three of these images will give 15 free spins. And the number of these icons will depend on the total bet. Depending on their number, it is multiplied by 2 to 500 times. Dolphin is the symbol of the Wild. It can replace the other characters of the game apparatus Dolphins Pearl Deluxe, apart from Scatter.

The doubling round of pokies Dolphins Pearl Deluxe

Risk doubling game

Each prize money earned in the main game machine online Dolphin Deluxe, you can increase the free, daring them to the double game. It is necessary to guess the color of the suit of a card which is randomly selected from the deck. In the case of a correct choice winnings multiplied by half. It can be increased several times, but the first mistake will lead to the fact that the payment will  "burn out".