Pokies machine Crystal Queen online for real money

Profitable and exciting pokies game Crystal Queen was created based on the fairy tale "The Snow Queen" by Quickspins. Playing it for real money with the conclusion gamblers appreciate high rates, pleasant factors and many other ways to get the win.

Play pokies for money - Crystal Queen

Defrost the line and get the money for the Crystal Queen online pokies

Once you start playing on the pokies machine Crystal Queen for real money, it is striking that the top three online pokies line under a layer of ice. To start the defrost them, just need to wait for the loss of the bonus combinations. After that the ice has cleared a number of first frozen, which will increase the number of paylines from 20 to 32. In addition, all characters participating in the winning combination will be destroyed, and in their place will drop new icons, which would increase the multiplier win and will bring more money.

Game Crystal Queen symbols

When you open any locked rows 56a reaches the number of lines pokies machine win multiplier will rise to 5. It should be noted that during the destruction of symbols and the loss of new money is withdrawn from the account. Most will be prize-winning combinations sign Wild. And on a roll on the first three reels wild symbol will be expanded, occupying 1 to 5 random cells around them. If you like the simpler rules of the game, Thunder Reels is even better. There are only 3 reels and 5 paylines.

Favorable freespins of pokies machine Crystal Queen

To be able to make the rotation, without investing in them their money, you need to collect anywhere in the playing field of three or more scatter symbols, which are executed in the form of red circles.

Number free spins in the game Crystal Queen online pokies machine is always equal to 10. In this case, the winter in the background changes to spring, and all the characters frozen rows become active. Thus, during free spins always active 56 lines, which allows to play for real money on the game machine Crystal Queen win substantial prize money and bring more money.