Gamble in online pokies Columbus

This online pokies of the Novomatic company dedicated to the great traveler Christopher Columbus and his legendary discovery of America. The machine Columbus features 5 reels and 9 paylines. The player is available round doubling mode and free spins. These game stages can yield solid gains, so they should pay attention to the rules.

Columbus play the pokies online for money

Gameplay in this pokies is quite addictive, so some people like to play for free and without registration. But thanks to the simple rules and high multiples, many players prefer to play for real money. It adds excitement and can also bring solid gains.

Symbols of pokies machine

Portrait of Columbus is an important symbol in this pokies. It brings maximum winnings. When filling out the payline it increases the rate at it 5000 times. You can make even more impressive withdrawals from the Magic Princess pokie, where multipliers reach 9000. In addition, Colombia is familiar Wild, replacing any other picture in the bonus combinations. The only image that it can not replace - a sign of the spread, represented by the icons of the ship. This sign does not make any profit, but puts Columbus automatic mode free spins with the appearance of three such icons in any area of the screen. At this time, there is an additional symbol of the ship, which performs the role of the mark Wild. When a player has three ships introduced another ten free spins.

The signs of pokies Columbus

Doubling game

Any amount of credits earned in a single spin of the slot machine in Columbus, can be repeatedly doubled in the risk game, as in this slot machine. For this you need to guess the color of the card upside down. Each correct choice win is doubled, but the first failure it completely clears and completes a round of doubling.

Doubling game of pokies Columbus