Description of the game machine online Bananas go Bahamas

If you like fruit, then the machine is full of them. Bananas go Bahamas is a member of the classic units that bring players the money at a time when standing in a real gaming halls. Thanks to the good bonuses and a large number of payments, the pokies for a long time won tops among gamblers.

The reels of pokies Bananas go Bahamas

The structure of the online pokies

Pokies machine Bananas go Bahamas has nine paylines. Unlike the Aztec Empire, where as many as 21 lines. You can choose the number of active, in order to properly allocate your budget. Also, regulated and rates. You can also view the payout table and to know which images are the most interesting. Automatic mode allows only watch as "pockets stuffed with money and getting fatter," and a manual mode allows the game to the risk after each victory.

Symbols of pokies machine

Symbols machine steel fruit that celebrates the rest. However, the cheapest steel icon with letters and numbers. In addition, you can find mango and coconut, which are great time and brings players great odds. Cool pineapple will have a more pleasant factors, and strawberry and watermelon lazy became one of the highest marks.

The signs of pokies Bananas go bahamas

Special symbols and 45 Free Spins

A special symbol of the gaming machine, which will allow the player to gather additionally the missing pictures in the sets became a banana. It not only allows to do more winning combinations, but also increases the coefficients in the set. The Money Game slot also has this symbol - a portrait of a millionaire.

The following symbols, which will help the player became a suitcase with things. It is not just a burden in any position on the playing field, but can also run on the machine Bananas go to the Bahamas free games that will fill the pockets of very great successful players. This symbol brings a huge number of free spins - 45, which will definitely make you financially secured. Because during the rotation of three-time acting factor playing here a pleasure.