Play the Winter Games pokies machine for money

Online pokies Winter Games dedicated winter Olympic sports. It has 5 reels, 9 paylines and a symbol Wild. Get big wins are possible by means of the two modes and bonus rounds to double.

Winter Games play the pokies online for money

Pokies machine Winter Games is an interesting gameplay, so it can be fun to play, even for free and without registration. Also, the device Winter Games advantageous play for money, because it has a lot of opportunities to earn a solid cash prizes.

Special characters of the pokies

For an image of a snowmobile you can get the biggest profit. The combination of 5 signs such on the payline multiply the bet by 2000 times. Enlarge winnings help icons with snowflakes. If they are involved in a winning combination, the amount of it is multiplied by the number shown on the snowflake. Pictures from snowboarding and curling equipment used to activate the bonus rounds. Also in the Winter Games pokies machine has a wild symbol, which depicts a snowboard. It is able to replace any icon, except for the bonus symbols and scatter symbols. The latter is represented by a picture climber and can multiply the total bet of 3 to 200 times. All prizes rounds of the gaming machine Winter Games are available in both paid and in free mode.

Bonus game "Curling"

This mode runs after apearingĀ on the active line of three or more images with equipment for curling. Its rules are similar to the rules of this Olympic sport. The closer to the center of the target stop shell game, the more bonus credits the player will receive.

Bonus game "Super Ski"

To activate this stage it is necessary to wait for the falling out of 3 to 5 images with a snowboarder. Here, the player must click on the "Start" button, and watch as the skier descends from the mountain. For each passed a random check will be charged the amount of loans.

Double game

In this round of the device online Winter Games can multiply the payment combination for the prize and bonus modes. To do this, you must guess the color of the suit upturned card. If successful, the prize sum is multiplied by 2 times, but the payoff is reset if the player will point to the wrong color.